We make it easy and fun!


If you’re looking to raise funds for any reason, cause or organization; why not do it by inviting guests to play a popular and fun game? With no up-front expense, and our support tools and assistance – you can conduct an event/campaign that will generate funds for your organization.

Let Us Show You How!


  • Anyone can participate regardless of age or skill level
  • Families can play as teams
  • Costs are minimal
  • Even people who can’t attend can still participate
  • Weather is not a factor for indoor events
  • Can be held year round
  • You won’t be rained out like some events
  • No left-over product when it’s all said and done
  • Our center takes care of your set up and clean up
  • We show you how to be successful – step by step
  • We will coach you through the entire process of planning and executing a fundraiser


Please join us for a “FREE” consultation




We will meet with you/your team and assist you on all aspects of planning and executing a highly successful event. During this consultation we will address all of your questions/concerns while establishing realistic expectations. We will conclude our consultation with a revenue projection.



Once you have decided on your event date/time/name and cost – we will design your ticket. You will receive a template and can print them as needed.



We will create your flyer and provide it to you electronically – making it easy to post on your Facebook page, print hard copies, or send to friends/contacts.



We will write and submit a press release for your event (upon request).



We will donate bowling parties and/or gift cards to be used as raffle/door prizes for your event.



We will use social media, our website, in-house bulletin board, etc. to help in the promotion of your event.


10 Steps to a Successful FUNdrasier!

  1. Plan Your Event

Our most successful events have 6-8 weeks lead times, though we can work on a shorter schedule if you have a date in mind. We’ll help you with the specifics.

  1. Form a Committee of Volunteers

Don’t do it alone! We will assist you in the organization of your team.

  1. Tell Your Story

Tell everyone about your cause. Tell them why you are raising money. We will help you create promotional flyers and lane sponsorship forms along with promoting your event!

  1. Spread the Word

Distribute flyers to your friends, family, contacts and public interested in your cause.  Send emails to your list about the event. Post as an event and share on social media platforms.

  1. Ask for Donations

Ask local vendors to be a lane sponsor, donate items for silent auctions and even get a work team together to show their support.

  1. Sell Lane Sponsorships

Just like a “Hole Sponsor” in golf we have “Lane Sponsors”.  Sell lane sponsorships to local vendors, families and friends.

  1. Pre- Sell Team Spots and Tickets to the Event

Pre-selling your event will ensure a great turn out!!

  1. Tell the Media about Your Event

We’ll help you create a press release and assist you in sending it to local papers and other media outlets.

  1. Arrive a Little Early on the Day of the Event

Get to Miracle Lanes about an hour before your event starts and we will help you organize.

  1. Have FUN!

We guarantee a GREAT time for you and your guests while raising FUNds!